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The Diagram Publisher module helps to publish your diagrams quickly and easily for dashboards or intranet portals.

You can use the diagram linker to:

This is useful where your diagrams may have multiple pages (even tens or hundreds) and where the effort of manually applying data graphics (each highlighting a different aspect of the data) can be considerable. The output might be hundreds of individual PDF files or web pages.

How to download

To download the add-in you must register using the “contact us” section on the site. Our team will then e-mail you with a download link. Please note: the utility requires any of the following versions, Visio 2007 onwards (Professional or Premium versions required for shape data and data graphics support). The Microsoft 365 Plan 2 Version of Visio is also supported.

You will then receive a download link in an e-mail.

If you want a custom version of the add-in, or templates and stencils then please contact us.