Free webinar, Simplifying Infrastructure Complexity With AssetGen August 24th 2023

Understanding how hardware, cabling, software and systems deliver data to users isn’t simple – with change risks multiplied by the complexity involved. The database driven AssetGen system efficiently replaces 1000s of spreadsheets and automates multiple Visio diagrams that explain physical, logical and business dependencies. In this webinar we will show how complexity can be simplified […]

Free webinar, Mapping systems, services and dependencies using Visio, July 20th 2023

Mapping relationships and dependencies between systems isn’t easy, especially when different levels of detail need to be presented. As complexity and scale increases, database driven diagramming reduces the manual effort to create, update and change perspectives which may include servers, data flows, environments, cloud and business groupings. But it needs to be done so you […]

Free webinar, Automating Visio Network Diagramming, June 22nd 2023


Diagrams help with design and understanding of network topologies, but there are so many network types and information needs. Representing complex infrastructure is made simpler and faster using MS Visio with the automation techniques we’ll cover in the webinar. The convergence of IoT, security, signage and BMS with ICT results in many parallel “networks” on […]

Free webinar, Integrating Excel & Visio For Data Center Management, May 25th 2023

Find out how to link specialist data center management toolsets with Excel and Visio. Our host David Cuthbertson will demonstrate how combining the power and flexibility of MS Office tools with data center monitoring and workflow management can help you improve your data center operations and achieve better business outcomes. You can register by clicking […]

Free webinar, Using Visio to Map Data Flows In Enterprises, April 20th 2023

Visio to map data flows

We map data flows to show understanding of system transactions, dependencies, fail over, compliance with regulations, change impacts, cloud migrations, firewall settings and capacity needs. Capturing, creating and maintaining data flow diagrams across many systems and applications in a large enterprise is not simple, as just mapping one system can be a challenge. In our […]

Free webinar, Efficient ways to document mission critical infrastructure, March 16th 2023

Businesses know their IT infrastructure is mission critical, but that doesn’t mean they’ll fund IT resources to manage it properly. So its up to the IT teams and their service providers to find efficiencies in delivering projects, managing business as usual problems and providing evidence of control and risk management. A common result is the […]

TIA Top 5% Star Awarded To Our CEO David Cuthbertson

We are pleased to announce that our CEO David Cuthbertson has received his second  TIA Stars award. David has contributed to developing the TR-60 ICT Life Cycle Management framework during the past two years. “As chair of the sub-committee working on the first standards planned for release in 2023, its good to be actively involved […]

Free webinar, Visio Automation For Enterprise Infrastructure, February 16th 2023

Q. How can you easily create and update 100s or 1000s of Visio diagrams?  Visio is a great tool but it takes engineering time and skill to get good diagrams. We’ll show how to automate the process for regular updating of schematics such as racks, networks, floor plans, data centers, wifi hotspots, systems, application maps, […]

Free webinar, Simplifying Campus And Backbone Cabling Capacity Management, January 19th 2023

Understanding cabling infrastructure capacity is not simple or easy, but is vital for managing projects and changes efficiently. This webinar will cover campus, data centre and building infrastructure where copper, fibre and blown fibre may be implemented using fixed and modular components. Understanding paths, end points, reservation and business uses is made easier with Visio […]